Marine City Medical College, MBBS admission with partial scholarship application started

Marine City Medical College, Chattogram

Medical training in Bangladesh

Medical training in Bangladesh

MBBS Admission Process | MBBS eligibility criteria | MBBS Fee Structure | Fortune education

KOLKATA, WEST BENGAL, INDIA, Nov 27, 2021 / – Marine City Medical College, MBBS admission with partial scholarship application started

Fortune Education Offers MBBS Admission with Scholarship for Deserving Students | MBBS Admission Process | Eligibility criteria | MBBS Fee Structure |

Marine City Medical College Admission Process | MBBS In Bangladesh | Marine city Medical College admissions process

Marine City Medical College is a private medical college located in Chattogram, Bangladesh. It was established in 2013. This college provides quality medical education, research and services to the people of this country at an affordable cost. In a short time, Marine City Medical College Hospital has become an attractive study point in the medical profession not only for locals but also for foreign students.

Marine City Medical College is affiliated with Chattogram Medical University and Chattogram University. This medical school is recognized by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council.

Chattogram is a division of Bangladesh. It is a large coastal city and a financial center of Bangladesh. The Division is known for its rich biodiversity. Chattogram is the second largest city in Bangladesh, after Dhaka. The city is also very advanced in education. There are many public and private universities, medical universities, medical schools. But our topic is about private medical colleges in Chattogram. Marine City Medical College is one of the best private medical colleges in Chattogram.

Marine City Medical College is one of the best options to study MBBS in Bangladesh.
Fortune Education is the exclusive representative of Marine City Medical College. International students will pursue the MBBS in Bangladesh course at Marine City Medical College.

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Marine City Medical College is located at Chandra Nagar, East Nasirabad, Bayazid Bostami in Chattogram, Bangladesh.

Admission process to Marine City Medical College
Interested applicants must meet certain criteria. The criteria are shown below:
Only grade 12 students who have passed or passed an exam in a foreign country recognized by the Government of Bangladesh can apply for admission to MBBS at Marine City Medical College.

Applicants must have physics, chemistry and biology as major / compulsory subjects in their last degree program.

Applicants must have achieved at least 75% average marks (equivalent to GPA 4.0) on the Secondary School Certificate and Upper Secondary School Certificate exams or equivalent exams respectively (i.e. say a grade “B” in the A-level or O-level exam) and must have at least 65% marks separately in either of these exams (i.e. GPA 3.50 or note “C”). In the case of level O exams, the marks of six subjects only (the first 6 subjects on the basis of the marks / marks obtained) will be taken into account. In the case of the Level A exam, the physics, chemistry and biology grades / marks will be taken into account for the assessment.

All academic certificates must be transferred to Bangladesh Standard (via a collection of Equivalency Certificates from DGHS Dhaka, Bangladesh) and student visa formalities via Bangladesh Embassy.

Students must submit their qualification certificate from their country.

The application must be submitted to the prescribed forms of the Marine City Medical College.

Certified copies of certificates and score sheets, etc. must be provided with the request. All certificates and grade sheets must be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the respective country of the applicant’s academic institution. No application will be accepted without this certificate.

Financial solvency documents should be submitted along with the application form.
Successful applicants must produce all academic certificates and grade sheets in original upon admission.

Marine City Medical College Fee Structure
The fee structure of Marine City Medical College is relatively low compared to the quality of their education, campus facilities, and excellent educational environment in Chittagong, Bangladesh. Fortune offers a partial scholarship of up to US $ 10,000.00 for deserving individuals. Apply now

MBBS 2021-22 Fee Structure
Description Amount in US Dollar / US Dollar
1st year at the time of admission 12,000.OO USD
2nd year tuition fee 6000.00 USD
3rd year tuition fee 6000.00 USD
Tuition fee for the 4th year USD 5000.00
Tuition fee for the 5th year USD 5000.00
TOTAL $ 34,000.00

Note: If a student does not complete their internship training at this institute (MCWH), they will get a refund of $ 2,170. the total amount payable then USD (34000-2170) = 31830 USD.

T&C, Consultancy fees for foreign student agents in general 3000 USD, Youth hostel accommodation costs per year approximately: 800.00 USD

At the time of admission, all students will be required to pay a minimum of 1 (01) year of hostel seat rent in advance if they wish to measure during a hostel. Youth hostel accommodation costs are equivalent to local students for one year. All students will pay the rent for their hostel seat before taking the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and final MBBS professional exam. If they fail the MBBS Professional Final Exam, they will be charged $ 800.00 (eight hundred US dollars) for each attempt and $ 267.00 for each subject.

MBBS in Bangladesh Marine City Medical College Highlights
Applicable NEET UG entrance exams
Faculties of Medicine Affiliations University of Chittagong
Middle English teaching mode
Medical colleges recognized by BM&DC, Medical Council of India, NMC, IMED and World Health Organization

Fortune Education provides advice on medical education;
Fortune Education is a leading education consultant and pioneer registered in Bangladesh and authorized representative of medical schools. This started their journey in 1994. Fortune has the right to promote marketing and recruit foreign students interested in studying in Bangladesh. Their board offers MBBS admission to reputable and comprehensive medical schools where all kinds of facilities are available, such as their own campus with the AC hostel on campus.


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