Saudi Arabia puts more emphasis on food security and agribusiness

RIYAD – New Covid-19 Response Report (CRR), Produced by Oxford Business Group (OBG) in Partnership with Arabian Agricultural Services Company (ARASCO), Identifies Emerging Investment Opportunities in Arabia’s Food Production Industry Arabia as the Kingdom ramps up efforts to reduce its dependence on imports following pandemic-induced global supply chain disruptions.

The report provides an in-depth analysis of the food security situation in Saudi Arabia, as well as measures taken to boost national food production, in an easy-to-navigate and accessible format, focusing on key data and infographics.

It highlights the innovative tools and emerging agricultural techniques that should support the Kingdom’s projects to modernize its food production system and build resilience in the face of future supply crises.

The report examines the role that agro-technological solutions will play in helping industry players address the challenges they face, such as water scarcity and harsh climatic conditions, enabling them to become more competitive.

Here, subscribers will also find detailed coverage of the expansion already underway in the segment, which includes initiatives by producers to invest in new logistics capabilities and data-driven solutions to increase production and address challenges. of distribution.

With sustainability a priority for the industry, the report highlights initiatives that are expected to help Saudi poultry farmers achieve their long-term goals, such as switching to compound feed, which could make the Kingdom less dependent on imported cereals.

Another goal is the opportunities for Saudi red meat producers to improve cost competitiveness and tap growing demand. Other topical issues explored include the Kingdom’s plans to expand its base of international trading partners to improve long-term results.

In addition, CRR follows the story of ARASCO’s growth and the key contribution the company makes to the development of food production in Saudi Arabia. The resilience and versatility displayed by ARASCO during the COVID-19 pandemic and its promising prospects for future expansion are among the topics examined.

The report includes an in-depth interview with Nasser A. Abanmi, CEO of ARASCO, in which he shares his thoughts on several topical issues, including opportunities for the private sector to play a greater role in strengthening food security. and Saudi Arabia’s capabilities. displayed by industry infrastructure during the pandemic.

“Looking to the future, Saudi Arabia will continue to strengthen its capacities and capabilities in logistics and transportation of food and associated raw materials,” he said.

“This is especially important when it comes to transporting food from ports to inland areas of the country. Strengthening the existing food distribution network – including solutions such as the cold chain – will help ensure that we can achieve greater efficiency throughout the supply chain. “

Jana Treeck, OBG’s Managing Director for the Middle East, said that with imports accounting for 80% of the food consumed in Saudi Arabia before COVID-19, the government had already recognized the importance of increasing production before that the pandemic exposes the vulnerabilities of supply chains.

“Looking ahead, the Kingdom’s food production segment is poised to experience a period of sustained growth, supported by favorable factors including a growing population and government policy favorable to private sector development,” said Treeck.

“We expect the opportunities arising from Saudi Arabia’s plans to become more self-sufficient and reduce imports to generate significant interest among investors.”

The analysis of food production in Saudi Arabia is part of a series of bespoke reports that OBG is currently producing with its partners, as well as other highly relevant research tools, including a range of growth and development prospects. recovery specific to the region and the sector. articles and interviews. – SG

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